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Authentic Profits!
7 Proven Steps to Attract Your Dream Clients to Build Your 6 Figure Business in
6 Months or Less
October 15th
3:00 PM NYC Time
12:00 PM CA Time

Vanessa Halloum

Marketing Coach & Consultant

Bassam Halloum

Business Coach & Consultant
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During this LIVE online training you will learn:
  • How to STAND OUT from the crowd and attract prospects without selling your soul or resorting to sleazy tactics…
  • No-fail lead generation strategies unique to your business (you’ll build real relationships with prospects)…
  • Why just trying every idea you come across isn’t working and how to build your own Marketing Action Plan…
  • The one reason most businesses fail—and the just ‘copy and paste this plan’ error that you’ve made over and over…
  • And Much, Much more in a 100% FREE 60 Minute Webinar!
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